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Goldin's Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat was established in 2007 when the Goldin brothers of Montreal, Steph and Alex, began sharing their famous cured and smoked brisket with the good people of Toronto. The recipe is an original creation that takes one back to the scents and flavours of old St. Laurent Boulevard. Indeed, the story of Goldin’s Smoked Meat is seasoned with the timeless ingredients of cultural tradition and family legacy.

A Taste of Tradition

Their great grandfather Moishe Davis was one of the first purveyors of smoked meat in North America and the traditional recipe that found its way from old Romania to Toronto runs in their veins.

For decades Moishe ran The Hebrew Kosher Sausage Company on Sumach Street, preparing and smoking briskets for the public. Their great Uncle Tommy and Auntie Bertha also presided over Dinty Moore's Corned Beef, which had a sandwich stand at the annual Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto selling corned beef sandwiches to thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

The Goldin brothers take pride in their Romanian/Russian history, and are proud to continue the time honoured tradition of offering the finest in hand-cured, all natural spiced and smoked brisket.

From Romania, to Montreal, to Toronto.
The Goldin brothers:
Alex Poch-Goldin & Steph Poch
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Goldin's Smoked Meat is available to prepare and serve at home, and sold in vacuum sealed half briskets (fat, medium and lean).
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